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2009 Submissions

[O] Optimistic Sister Industrial Song
[O] Coconut Voice Demo Song
[O] Brooklyn broccoli Miscellaneous Song
[K] The Cock Song Voice Demo Song
[K] How my heart behaves Voice Demo Song
Large statues of small faggots Miscellaneous Song
[K] Monkey Mr. Ugly Punk Song
[O] Flipping nerds Punk Song
[O] Restless mindgames Voice Demo Song
[O] Listen to the drum solo Drum N Bass Song
[K-O] The Breakdown Blues Song
[O] Deodorant face Bluegrass Song
[O-K] Lung Sniffer Ambient Song
[K] Friendly Pedophile Bluegrass Song
[O-K] Dropping Egg's Blues Song
[O] Strangled little Children Blues Song
[O] Chewbacca's Love Blues Song
[K] pETROLfilia Voice Demo Song
[O-K] The Mystery Miscellaneous Song
[O-K] Beat-em Up Miscellaneous Song
[K] Breast Feeding Monster Voice Demo Song
[O] It's not O-K to be gay Voice Demo Song
[K] The Future is a Dark Place General Rock Song
[O-K] CrownRoyal General Rock Song