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Entry #1

Grown into a man....

2008-07-12 22:53:49 by O-K-Gay

We are a man but we can turn into a boy when the time is right.
Hourglasses filled with sand falling away, money and power withering away as refreshed ideas grow older.

We was found in the hallway with our hand down our pants.
The school is filled with rules we cannot follow.
We break into two parts members of dragon riders and ukulele spiders.

Grown into a man....


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2008-09-12 14:23:41

Eternal homosexuality, eh?
Oh, and, yes, what would you like in your sandwhich, dear? Cheese? Ham?

O-K-Gay responds:

ham??, you should have known i are a vegetarian, only cheese what the fuck!
and be quick about it for once.
fill me up with gangsta love, fill me up with gangsta, im above, raping your ass.


2008-09-13 12:47:52

Are you sure your 19?

O-K-Gay responds:

are you sure your not gay?, because you write like a faggot ass loser.
get the hell outa here